Simple Modern House in Minecraft: Timelapse

Modern houses are not always that easy to build, in this short timelapse tutorial for a modern Minecraft house, you will see some inspiration for your new builds that should have a modern touch but easy to build in survival at the same time.

The houses in this short series of tutorial timelapses are very simple, but good looking with shaders in natural environment in Minecraft without terraforming and easy. If you need more building ideas for modern houses, check also the other short videos about this topic out that we did on this topic.

Good luck on your next modern house build in Minecraft or any other building game where you can use such a house and I hope this video can ignite some inspiration for you.

If you wondered how to create a modern house in Minecraft, then this short video is also a easy answer for you to try it out.

This #Shorts #Timelapse has been created at a build contest to the topic «Modern House» on the 14th February, 2021. What you’re seeing in this video has been built by the player Immanuel94 on our server.

Here, you can see a modern Minecraft house being built in a cinematic timelapse.

If you want, you can join us and participate on the build contests, which are going on every sunday at 2 PM UTC+2. Got any ideas for future build contest topics? Feel free to let us know in the comments!


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